In Sochi online services will continue at night to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster

В Сочи оперативные службы продолжат ночью устранять последствия стихии

Online services will continue at night to eliminate the consequences of floods in Sochi, where he was felled dozens of trees, damaged roofs, disrupted power supply in several districts, according to the city administration.

It is noted that the element is raging in the city for almost a day. Hurricane-force winds with gusts up to 30 meters per second, felled trees, tore off roofs, damaged different designs and power. Total for the day was tumbled down about 160 trees. The vast majority — 130 — already taken. The rest of the cut and will be removed in the near future. Roads in all areas of the resort are cleared, congestion and traffic jams due to the effects of the storm never seen. The works involved more than 500 people and nearly 100 pieces of equipment.

“Work on the resort will continue and night. In clearing the site and rebuilding of the infrastructure involved employees of the rescue service “Kuban-SPAS” Kubanenergo “Rosdorstroy”, “Dagomys DRSU”, management companies of a city administration and areas”, — stated in the message.

Because of the element were damaged roofs of houses. With the help of the district administration was restored roof of the six objects. Also, due to the falling of a tree in the wooden house on the street Glazunov, 7 were resettled one family — four adults and one child. They are given two rooms in the hotel “aquamarine”. Gas supply of houses in the area of road on Big Akhun, where in the morning the gas pipeline with a diameter of 108 mm was damaged by a fallen tree recovered in full.

The city authorities said that the element was damaged and parts of the lines of the distribution network in a mountain area of Lazarevskiy district. The power supply most consumers affected by the bad weather, has been restored.

“Storm warning for strong winds with gusts up to 30 meters per second continues to operate. The sea state is 5-6 points. Residents and guests are asked to take all necessary safety measures, including safety of personal property, not to leave the vehicles under trees and dangerous structures”, — stated in the message.