In the FAS said that Google will not get the same penalties

В ФАС заявили, что Google не отделается одними штрафами

The American company Google, the leading litigation with the Federal Antimonopoly service from-for violations in the Russian market, will not get one just fine, said the head of FAS Igor Artemyev.

“The thing is that there are a huge number of different possibilities. And big government, which exists today as the Russian Federation, protecting yourself and the interests of consumers,” he said in an interview with NTV television.

The FAS in September 2015 has recognized the Google guilty of violating the competition law, in particular, abuse of a dominant position on the market pre-installed app stores in the Android OS. The Agency ordered Google to 18 December 2015 to eliminate violations, however, the deadline has been repeatedly delayed due to lawsuits from the company.

Violations of FAS related, including mandatory preset on the mobile devices along with Google Play other apps, as well as a ban on pre-application of other companies.

In November FAS has fined Google Inc. and Google Ireland Limited on 500 thousand rubles, giving Google a new two-week period on execution of the decision.

Consideration of different instances of arbitration courts is now four separate dispute Google with FAS.

The main case will consider the cassation instance Court for intellectual property rights. Two lower courts supported FAS.

In addition, in the Moscow arbitration pending Google’s statement on the abolition of the penalty for violation of the antitrust laws in the amount of 438 million rubles (penalty 11 August) and statements Google Inc and Google Ireland Limited, which individually challenge the fines of 500 thousand rubles.