Japan needs to recognize the results of world war II, said Morgulov

Японии необходимо признать итоги Второй мировой войны, заявил Моргулов

Moscow in the question of a peace Treaty with Japan comes from the need of recognition, Tokyo the results of the Second world war, including territorial, in relation to the South Kuril Islands, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister Igor Morgulov.

Is it possible to return the Kuril Islands to Japan?

“Our position in the negotiations on the peace Treaty has not changed: we proceed from the necessity of the recognition of Tokyo results of the Second world war, including territorial in relation to the southern Kuril Islands. This is the starting point for any serious discussion on this issue,” he said.

According to Margelova, “as recently confirmed by President Vladimir Putin during the communication with reporters at the APEC summit in Lima, sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Russian Federation over these Islands cannot be questioned”.

Relations between Russia and Japan for many years overshadows the absence of a peace Treaty. Japan claims the Islands of Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan and Habomai, referring to bilateral Treatise on trade and borders of 1855. The return of the Islands Tokyo made it a condition of signing a peace Treaty with Russia, which after the Second world war and was not signed. The position of Moscow consists that southern Kuriles became part of the Soviet Union at the end of the Second world war and the Russian sovereignty over them has the appropriate international legal formalization.