Kosachev gave an assessment of the new concept of Russian foreign policy

Косачев дал оценку новой концепции внешней политики России

The new concept of continuity, consistency and predictability of Russia’s foreign policy and positioning itself as a partner and influential world powers, told reporters on Friday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

On Thursday published a new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation, signed by the President. The previous concept was adopted in February 2013 and is now revoked. Russia is taking all measures to counter terrorism, the priority is strengthening the international rule of law, follows from the new concept of Russian foreign policy.

“Statement by the President of Russia the new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation — is certainly an event. And the fact that the new document was adopted only three years after the birth of the former, generally brings it to the level of the news of the special order. After all, this kind of strategic documents accepted in the long term, and, as soon appeared the need for the emergence of a new concept, this should be a good reason,” said the Senator.

Changed realities

According to Kosachev, has changed the realities and dramatic way. “Three years from the date of adoption of the former concept of foreign policy, were the most intense since the end of the cold war. Of course, the powerful impact of the Ukrainian crisis and how it is perceived in different States. On the new level of international terrorism”, — said the head of the Federation Council Committee.

Although there has been considerable success in resolving the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, exacerbated the North Korean theme, which does not allow to remove from the agenda the threat of nuclear proliferation in the world, the politician said. “The most powerful migration flows and continued strength (not only economic, but political and military) of the Asian giants has led to increased tension along the axes East — West and North — South,” the MP added.

In a phase of turbulence, in his opinion, joined even the seemingly stable West. “What’s most important to us — has successfully promoted the Eurasian integration process. All this requires an adequate assessment at the conceptual level and the appropriate foreign policy response from Russia”, believes Kosachev.

No revolution

“However, I would caution against searching for some revolutionary innovations in the new concept. This is an important point, which is to focus — thus ensure the continuity, consistency and predictability of foreign policy of Russia and, accordingly, her as a partner and an influential world power,” said the Senator.