Legoyda: the key message of Russian President became the care of the person

Легойда: ключевой темой послания президента РФ стала забота о человеке

The key message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly became the care of the person and the related problem of justice, the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda.

“I would like <…> first of all, to emphasize the realism of the message, which was manifested, in particular, that in the beginning it was said that the unity and the Patriotic upsurge that we are witnessing today in the people, does not mean that in our society there are no problems and people are all happy. The Russian government, according to the President, must clearly understand. This is a very important point, which set the tone for the message” — said Legoyda, whose words are in the message of the Synodal Department.

“The next point that I would like to mention is the care of the person as a key theme of the letter and the related problem of justice. It sounded in different parts of speech. For example, in education, where he talked about the help and support of gifted children. It has been said that every child is gifted, you just have to find the right approach. The thesis care was also present in the social and economic topics and topics related to business development”, — said the head of the Synodal Department.

He also noted that equity issues were reflected in the quotes that Putin gave the message. According to Legoyda, “and symbolic, meaningful and important,” was the inclusion in the text of the message quotes Alexei Losev, Dmitry Likhachev, in his opinion, are “intellectual and spiritual beacons of national culture”.

“Very remarkable are the words of Alexei Fedorovich Losev, which correspond to the idea of reconciliation history, repeatedly in his speeches said Patriarch Kirill. It is also very important, as the message set objectives of national education — with reference to the words of Dmitry Likhachev: “to give knowledge and to educate a moral person”, — said the representative of the Church.

On the topic associated with the freedom of creativity, Legoyda noted that the position presented on this matter by the President, is a wise and balanced. “On the one hand, we say that the artist’s freedom should not be restricted by censorship, unacceptable vandalism and actions that go beyond the legal field. On the other hand, he also mentioned the importance of the artist’s responsibility to society,” he stressed.

We can not support the idea that Legoyda added that “if the representatives of the creative intelligentsia consider themselves advanced in spiritual and intellectual sphere of the people, they should be sensitive to the feelings and opinions of others”. “In this connection I would like once again to appeal to Yuri Lotman, who said that civilized man is “one who hurts from the pain of others”, — concluded the head of the Synodal Department.