Matvienko drew attention of the officials for errors in the bills

Матвиенко обратила внимание чиновников на наличие ошибок в законопроектах

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko drew attention of the officials for errors in the texts of bills and other problems in their preparation.

“Please take a closer approach to legislative drafting. They are gross errors,” — said Matvienko on Friday at the annual meeting with the state secretaries – zamrukovoditelya ministries and agencies.

So, the law about the reduction of the profit tax of the enterprises participating in regional investment projects, there were references to the inoperative provisions of the Tax code cited as an example Senator.

“If we do not traced this moment, industry just would not be able to obtain the status of projects and provided tax incentives,” — said the speaker.

According to her, the actions of the government in legislation are often inconsistent.

“One bill proposes to abolish the existing privileges on regional taxes, others – on the contrary, to impose additional. Example — a tax on movable property”, — said Matvienko.

Counterproductive amendments

According to the speaker of the Federation Council, “the cases when the government in the autumn session brings to hastily draft legislation, which should come into effect from the start of next year, “and when in demand, a good bill “pushed” to the second reading some amendments counterproductive”.

So it was, in particular, amendments to the Budget code, she said.

“Everyone understands that the law must be taken. But in the second reading, the government had introduced changes which fundamentally changes the procedure of granting of grants for alignment of budgetary security”, — said the Senator.

According to members of the Federation Council, these amendments infringe upon the interests of the regions.

“We can not agree and prepare an appeal to the government on this issue”,- said Matvienko, noting that he believes the existence of an additional control mechanism in the preparation of amendments to the second reading of the documents.

Nanny nanny strife?

The speaker of the Federation Council noted that a similar situation was and with the recent Tax code amendments before the second reading of the document appeared normal about the release of the self-employed from the tax to incomes of physical persons.

She recalled that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly instructed the following year to “clearly define the legal status of self-employed people, give them the ability to properly and safely work.”

The Senator believes that it is necessary to create equal tax conditions for the same groups of taxpayers.

“Why nurse, receiving a modest salary in kindergarten must pay all taxes, and the person engaged in the same, but privately, not to pay anything? It is fundamentally contrary to the principles of our tax law”, — considers Matvienko.

According to her, the unsatisfactory situation with the state Duma the regional bills that have passed the Board of legislators: there are cases of blatant violations by the government in terms of official reviews.

“Of the 63 bills that have passed the preliminary examination in the Council of legislators, they are not ten. Including six aimed in the 2014 — 2015 years”, — she explained.