Matvienko: the government does not enforce regulations work laws

Матвиенко: правительство не обеспечивает подзаконными актами работу законов

The government in a timely manner does not ensure regulations work laws, which disrupted the timing of their entry into force, said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko on Friday at the annual meeting with the state secretaries — zamrukovoditelya ministries and agencies.

“We have a lot of chronic problems. And, above all, in organizing the legislative process. Byword has become the situation of the late issuance of regulations. And act like a car without wheels, automatically becomes the trainer — the easiest thing in the world is possible, and to go there,” — said the speaker.

The clearest example is 458. the law on waste management, the timing of the entry into force of the provisions of which many times postponed, she said. “Finally, we agreed that it will be fully operational from 1 January next year. And now there is information that the transitional period is extended until 1 January 2019,” — said Matvienko, saying that it explains the need to give regions time to transition to the new system of collection of municipal solid waste, as well as monitoring of the validity of the tariff for garbage removal.

“It was not clear that the regions need to prepare? And why ensured that take all the regulations on time?” — she was indignant.

Matvienko noted the problem of waste management, which Russian President in his message had to underline. “The numbers are shocking — in the country has accumulated about 100 billion tons of domestic and industrial waste, they cover about four million hectares of land. We have that in the next generation of the most demanded profession “Stalker” will be?” the Senator stressed.

Moreover, this “ecological bomb” is ticking, there is still criminal business “flourishes”, the MP added.

Matvienko announced that December 8 will be a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of legislators, the agenda of which includes this topic. “We hope still to hear the true reasons for the failure of the 458-th of the law and to consider the prospects for its implementation. Let me remind you that next year in Russia — the year of the environment”, — concluded the speaker.