Media: in Moscow urgently hospitalized actor Vyacheslav Shalevich

СМИ: в Москве экстренно госпитализирован актер Вячеслав Шалевич

People’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Shalevich urgently hospitalized in Moscow, said on Saturday the newspaper “life”.

“Today, the actor Vyacheslav Shalevich was urgently hospitalized. The actor was taken to the resuscitation Department of one of clinics of Moscow with convulsive disorder”, — stated in the message.

It is clarified that prior to this case the Shalevich became ill on Thursday, on stage. The actor, who is 82 years old, called the ambulance in the Vakhtangov theatre during a performance of the anniversary production “the haven”. Then, according to the publication, Shalevich refused hospitalization, the wife took him home.

Shalevich known to viewers for the films “the captain’s daughter”, “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, “Seventeen moments of spring”.