Media: the head of Taiwan’s and trump discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations

СМИ: глава Тайваня и Трамп обсудили укрепление двусторонних отношений

The head of administration of Taiwan Cai Inven and the US President-elect Donald trump during a telephone conversation discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations and opportunities for closer cooperation between the parties, Reuters reported, citing a statement of the administration of Taiwan.

The statement said that the politicians exchanged views on domestic economic development and strengthening national defense with the goal of improving the lives and safety of citizens.

Earlier it was reported that the White House has confirmed the commitment to the policy of “one China”, despite the conversation.

Later, trump on his Twitter page wrote that the initiator of the conversation was Invent, which called him “to congratulate with his victory in the elections of the President.”

In turn, the representative of the administration of Taiwan said that the phone conversation was agreed upon by both parties in advance.