Medvedev congratulated the lawyers on their professional holiday

Медведев поздравил юристов с профессиональным праздником

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the lawyers on their professional holiday, stressing that their work depends largely on the preparation of important draft laws, the text of the telegram is given on the government website.

A lawyer’s day is celebrated in Russia on 3 December. The decree establishing the holiday was signed on 4 February 2008 Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Today your professional holiday is celebrated by people who are highly respected in our society, those who are called servants of Themis. It notaries and prosecutors, investigators and judges, bailiffs and lawyers who protect the law and administers justice. Your profession requires not only expertise, excellent knowledge of modern legislation and law enforcement practices, and special qualities of character”, — said in a congratulatory telegram the head of government.

Medvedev stressed that in the line of duty, lawyers must always remain “impartial and objective, but fair and caring to the people”. According to the Prime Minister, this is the guarantee of successful development of Russia as a democratic state where all are equal before the law, despite the high office, and the law are binding on all without exception.

“Qualified specialists are in demand in all spheres, including in the public service. Your competent and competent work depends largely on the preparation of the most important bills that promote economic growth, improve business activity and eliminate excessive administrative barriers for investors. And most importantly, these laws help people to protect their rights and interests,” reads the telegram.

Medvedev in 1987 he graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) state University, in 1990 – postgraduate studies at Leningrad state University. He holds a degree of candidate of legal Sciences.