Mexico reiterates willingness to negotiate the future of the NAFTA agreement

Мексика подтверждает готовность к переговорам о будущем соглашения NAFTA

The Minister of economy of Mexico Ildefonso, Guajardo reiterated on Friday his country stands ready to start negotiations on future Agreements North American free trade area (NAFTA) with the United States and Canada.

“This agreement with which everyone won, and we need to have clarity in these negotiations,” said Guajardo on Friday during the meeting of the Committee of the States of Sonora and Arizona in the Mexican city of Hermosillo.

According to the Minister, the volume of purchases by Mexico to the United States is more than $ 240 billion a year, but in the whole neighboring country from 15 to strategic sectors of the economy depend on purchases of Mexico.

“It is obvious that the presence of trade barriers will not help anyone, because the only thing they contribute is a tariff war. Let’s not destroy the value that we have created, need to resist the pressure from both sides “, — quotes the statement of the Excelsior Guajardo.

According to previously published report of the international scientific center named after Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA would mean a loss of almost 5 million jobs for Americans. According to the researchers, it is NAFTA not only allows millions of US citizens have jobs on its territory, but also generates per year about 230 billion dollars, including U.S. Commerce.