Moscow theater “Gogol-center” is “Akhmatova. Poem without a hero”

Московский театр "Гоголь-центр" представляет "Ахматова. Поэма без героя"

Moscow theater “Gogol-center” is the performance of the “Star” — “Akhmatova. Poem without a Hero”. The premiere will take place on 3 December. This was reported by RIA Novosti in the press service of the theater.

The Play “Anna Akhmatova. Poem without a hero” is the third work from the series “Star”. It deals with the destiny of Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelstam, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mikhail Kuzmin, Anna Akhmatova.

The creators of this project — an outstanding Russian actress Alla Demidova and artistic Director of “Gogol-center” the famous Director Kirill Serebrenikov. On the production along with Demidova and Serebrenikova worked composer Alexander Boldachev (the author himself performs the music started to play several instruments — piano, three harps), the author of the video — animation — Alexander Zhitomirsky.

In his book “Akhmatova’s mirrors” Alla Demidova says: “When I began to decipher “Poem without a hero”, the more I found it doubles, which in turn split, and so on to infinity, the more I realized that just to decrypt it, probably, is not necessary.”

According to the actress, “not so important “Poem” of a specific person, an important flavor of the time, after all, “the Poem” among other things, includes a huge layer of culture of an era that today’s young people become long-past history.”