Patriarch Kirill arrived in Paris to consecrate the new Cathedral

Патриарх Кирилл прибыл в Париж, чтобы освятить новый кафедральный собор

Patriarch of all Russia Kirill on Saturday for the first time in the dignity of Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church arrived in Paris to consecrate a new Cathedral of the diocese of Korsun of the Russian Orthodox Church in the centre of the French capital, to pray together with Orthodox compatriots and the French, to meet with representatives of the authorities.

“Glad to be on French soil, to pray together with his flock,” the Patriarch said upon arrival at the airport Le Bourget.

At the airport the Primate of the Russian Church met the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov, Russia’s permanent representative to UNESCO Alexander Kuznetsov, the clergy of the Korsun diocese.

“The upcoming consecration of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the diocese of Korsun will be a landmark event both for the Orthodox presence in France and humanitarian relations between the Russian and French peoples,” – said the press Secretary of the Patriarch, the priest of Alexander Volkov.

On Saturday evening, the Primate of the Russian Church will lead the vigil in the small Church of Three saints on the street Hinges in Paris, which before the construction of the large Trinity Cathedral Quai Branly served as the main Cathedral of the diocese of Korsun of the Russian Orthodox Church.

One of the main points of the program of the Patriarchal visit to France is scheduled for Sunday morning consecration of the new Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It is the architectural dominant of the Russian Orthodox spiritual-cultural center opened on October 19. The complex includes an exhibition center, a Russian-French school, the diocesan administration building with a concert hall and the living quarters. Center with a total area of over 4 thousand square meters is located in the prestigious 7th arrondissement of Paris, on the banks of the Seine (quay Branly), in a plot purchased by the office of the President of the Russian Federation, and diplomatic immunity. According to the press Secretary of the Patriarch Alexander Volkov priest, the consecration of Trinity Cathedral and first Patriarchal Liturgy is “an event of great importance for the Korsun diocese, and generally to all communities of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad”, the number of parishioners is increasing.

Korsun diocese was named in honor of the city of Korsun — so in Ancient Russia was called the Chersonesus Taurica in Crimea, where according to legend, converted to Christianity St. Vladimir, who baptized the Rus. Today Korsun diocese of the United parishes and monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Patriarch Kirill in the course of his primatial visit to the diocese of Korsun 3-7 December visit not only Paris, but also Zurich (Switzerland), where he will head the Church festivities on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Church of the Resurrection.