Residents of the Bryansk region was a debt for alimony change weight 8 kg

Житель Брянской области вернул долг по алиментам мелочью весом 8 кг

Four bags of coins weighing 8 kg was brought by the inhabitant of the Bryansk region the bailiffs to pay off debts for alimony, the press service of the UFSSP in the Bryansk region.

As noted in the message, the inhabitant of the Bryansk region, having visited on reception at the bailiff, decided to pay off the debt on his daughter, to avoid bringing to administrative responsibility.

“A few days later he arrived to the district Department of bailiffs with a heavy bag in which there were 4 canvas bag and laid them on the table to the bailiff. To the surprise of the worker in the bags were coins of 1 ruble, 2 rubles, 5 rubles and 10 rubles Bank of Russia of different years of production”, — stated in the message.

As explained by the debtor, coins he collected for a long time, for their conversion bailiffs had to go to the organization, having at its disposal a specialized counting equipment. In the result, it was found that the amount is more than 20 thousand rubles.

Thereafter, accompanied by a bailiff package weighing more than 8 pounds were delivered to the nearest branch of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation for transfer of the Deposit account unit, the report said.