Russia is working on expanding contacts with Japan

Россия работает над расширением контактов с Японией

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is continuing work on the implementation of proposals to expand economic cooperation of Russia and Japan, made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

At the meeting with foreign Minister Fumio Kisida the Russian head of state admitted that he was “happy to continue contacts.” “That such a meeting could be held, we agreed with the Prime Minister (Japan) is in Lima (at the APEC summit in November)”, — Putin said. In his view, “very good” that the contacts between the two countries will not be interrupted.

“On both sides we are working on the implementation of the proposals of the Prime Minister (Japan) for expanding our contacts in our mutual issues”, — assured the President of the Russian Federation.

“Very glad to see you”, — Putin said, referring to Fumio Kishida.