Scientists have discovered how many people die from cancer every year

Ученые выяснили, как много людей умирает от рака каждый год

. Every third man and every fourth woman on Earth to be victims of cancer. Last year, more than 17.5 million people learn they have cancer, and 8.7 million people died from malignant tumors and related complications, according to a paper published in the journal JAMA Oncology.

“The observation of how cancer spreads, is extremely important for understanding what role it plays in human life compared with all other diseases. Today this issue becomes a priority, given the speed with which a growing number of cancer patients on demographic and epidemiological reasons,” said Christine Fitzmaurice (Fitzmaurice Christina) at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

Cancer is today one of the main causes of death in most developed countries and countries with economies in transition — after heart disease and blood vessels, as well as diabetes. In Russia, cancer affects about three million people, and over the past 10 years the number of such people, according to statistics of the Ministry of health increased by 18%. Each year cancer is diagnosed in approximately 500 thousand Russians.

The situation is similar, as shown by a study conducted by Fitzmaurice and colleagues observed worldwide over the past 10 years, the incidence the incidence of cancer has increased by 33%, mainly due to the General aging population and increasing cancer among some populations.

Men on average are more likely to suffer from cancer, and their striking mainly prostate cancer, which each year acquires about 1.6 million of the stronger sex, and lung cancer, trachea and bronchi.

Women often suffer and die from breast cancer every year, the number filled up by 2.4 million. Children, in turn, become victims of leukemia, various types of neoplasia, lymphoma, brain cancer and other tumors associated with the nervous system.

Steady growth in the number of cancer victims, as scholars have noted, should prompt officials medical agencies and the governments of all countries to actively deal with this problem, the seriousness of which will only increase as the aging population.