Sheremet: the power system of the Crimea to cope with the cold

Шеремет: энергосистема Крыма справляется с резким похолоданием

. The energy system of the Crimean Peninsula to cope with the cold snap, the energy transferred to the enhanced mode, said RIA Novosti member of the state Duma Committee on energy Mikhail Sheremet.

In the Crimea declared a storm warning: heavy rain, wet snow, sometimes heavy rain, on roads ice, a strong South-West changing to North-westerly wind of 25-30 meters per second, sometimes a hurricane of 33 meters per second. In the mountains of possible avalanches. The air temperature in the coming days will drop to -13 at night, day -7.

“Storm warnings we knew of the brigade’s all here, all working, on duty, therefore, of great disasters for the population is not going to happen. Of energy shortage there, do this, but in case the cold snap and big drawbacks for a long time may be blackouts, but the population will not touch it”, — said Sheremet.

The MP stressed that the Crimean power switched to enhanced clock mode, the situation is also under control of emergencies Ministry.

The bad weather led to burst of power lines in various parts of the Peninsula, but energy for two to three hours promptly eliminate the crash.

“Today we have problems in the Leninsky district in the direction of Kerch, Sudak. At the moment, 9 surges, 9 teams went to the scene and promise to eliminate in full volume”, — said the Deputy.