Stuck in the past. Guardian urged Johnson to forget about the “Russian threat”

Застрял в прошлом. Guardian призвала Джонсона забыть о "российской угрозе"

Wants the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson or not, but the old world order came to an end, so London should recognize that the Russia does not pose “an existential threat to the West”, writes The Guardian.

The rhetoric of the head of the British foreign office about the “rules of international order” suggests that the Minister is “stuck in the past”, reports British newspaper. As an example, the author cites a recent speech by Johnson, in which he expressed concern about the emergence of “non-state actors” who reject global liberalism, using a favorite cliché of the foreign office: “We can’t let that happen”.

According to the author, Johnson wants Britain once again spending money on obsolete weapons, and urged the countries participating in NATO to do the same. The head of the foreign office is going to conduct a dialogue with Russia, but at the same time, intends to take a tougher stance on the issue of the Baltic States and negatively related to the success of the Russian Federation in Syria.

“In other words, Johnson wants all this old confusion of the foreign office — to obtain the unachievable in pursuit of the unacceptable spite of the inevitable”, — stated in the material.

According to Guardian, the only glimmer of hope is that the next US President Donald trump will allow the old models of the cold war “thaw” and Johnson should contribute to this.

“Why not acknowledge followed by trump (and he seems to have admitted it) that the part of Russia and China is not coming existential threat to the West, and Islamism — a criminal, not a cultural threat? Why not accept that the civil war there will be, but those who intervene from the outside, usually only makes it worse,” asks the author.

Conflicts of this century will grow because of population movements, not because of the lust for Imperial conquest, and the weapons of the cold war era became useless. It makes no sense to repeat the hackneyed phrase about the old world order — he has already ceased to exist, concludes the author of the material.

Earlier, the head of the British foreign office not once spoke out strongly about Russia. Thus, in particular, he accused Moscow of involvement in the attack of a humanitarian convoy of the United Nations in Aleppo, the foreign office has not provided any evidence to support this claim. In addition, Johnson stated that he would like to see a protest against Russia’s policy in Syria outside the Russian Embassy in London. The Russian foreign Ministry’s statement caused a sense of shame for the head of the foreign office.