The authorities of Transbaikalia will report on the repayment of wage arrears up to January 15

Власти Забайкалья отчитаются о погашении долгов по зарплате до 15 января

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government of Zabaykalsky Krai until January 15 to report on the results of repayment of debts on wages in the region, reported Saturday on the website of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers.

“The government of Transbaikalian edge, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of labour to take measures for repayment in 2016 arrears of wages prevailing in the region, and the results until January 15, 2017 report to the government of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the instructions.

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the meeting with the Prime Minister on 25 November said that Medvedev ordered to provide in Zabaykalsky Krai uninterrupted payment of arrears of salary. She stressed that the challenge for the region is difficult, but it will be resolved soon.