The Central Bank has denied the information about the theft by hackers of 2 billion rubles with its correspondent accounts

ЦБ опроверг информацию о краже хакерами 2 млрд рублей с его корсчетов

The reported theft by hackers of two billion roubles correspondent accounts with the Bank of Russia does not correspond to reality, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Central Bank.

Speech presented on the eve of the financial stability Review was about the losses incurred by commercial banks and their customers as a result of hacker attacks for all of 2016, said the official representative of the regulator.

Informed about the theft of two billion, reported the CNN TV channel with reference to the Deputy chief of the security and protection of information of the Central Bank Artem Sychev.

Sychev, speaking about the losses of Russian banks from hackers for the entire year, stressed that we are talking about the money stolen from correspondent accounts of banks and from the accounts of Bank customers.

He noted that this is the total losses that crime can inflict. According to him, the country is a very small amount, however, the task of the Central Bank is that the rate of thefts increased.

On Friday the FSB said that foreign intelligence agencies are preparing a large-scale attack on major Russian banks. According to the FSB, command centers attacks due to start on 5 December in the Netherlands and belong to the Ukrainian company BlazingFast. The Central Bank said that the Bank is protected from such threats, but the cyber attacks have to be prepared all financial system of Russia.