The Director will shoot a film about the hipster who loved home in the hot spot

Ленфильм снимет фильм про хипстера, полюбившего родину в горячей точке

The film Studio “Lenfilm” in 2017, will shoot a film about the hipster in the hot spot according to the scenario Ivan Okhlobystin, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, the head of the Studio Eduard Pichugin.

“We’ll make a movie about a hipster who falls in difficult circumstances, gets into a hot spot and as a result, the viewer is reconstructed to a normal look and life values, love of country,” said Pichugin.

According to him, the idea belongs Okhlobystin, who wrote a script called “Scent of violets”, because before the bombing there is this fragrance. “The shooting will take place next year, and more time for postproduction. Vanya wrote a good script, we bought him out, Ivan laid”, — said the Agency interlocutor.