The doctors examined poisoned Kaliningrad schoolboys

Врачи осмотрели отравившихся калининградских школьников

Students travelling by train from Moscow to Kaliningrad, which previously took 16 children with suspected poisoning, upon arriving home, saw doctors, said on Saturday the press service of the regional Ministry of health.

In the night of Saturday in Smolensk was removed from the train and was hospitalized on 16 children with symptoms of poisoning, Kaliningrad schoolchildren aged 11 to 17 years back after the tour to Moscow. The CPS said that the etiological factor of the disease, children were Nora and rotavirus. Activities in the hotel dining room where they ate children, was suspended.

“The situation of sick children is under my personal control. We spoke with the Governor of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky, he guaranteed that children will be provided with proper medical care and treatment. Now they are in the hospital. Our ministries are in contact with their Smolensk colleagues. And every hour to inform me of developments,” are available on the website of the regional Ministry of health of the word the ACTING Governor Anton Alikhanov.

It is noted that upon arrival of the train to Kaliningrad, all the children were examined by health professionals, they have taken the tests. After the boys were allowed to go home.