The head of Rospechat has presented the book about the book curiosities at the fair non/fiction

Глава Роспечати представил книгу о книжных редкостях на ярмарке non/fiction

The book “Russian book rarities of the XX century: 333 favorite books” intended for bibliophiles and book collectors of curiosities, and for those who want to learn have expert knowledge in book Assembly, said the head of Rospechat Mikhail Seslavinsky, the author of the catalogue at the book fair non/fiction at the Central house of artists.

“We hope that this catalogue may be useful to the widest layer of the reading population. It tells how to dig on the bookshelves of parents, grandparents, if you came to the house, where a good library. If you will remember these 333 names by heart, then your hand will be qualified to reach to the bookshelf,” — said Seslavinskiy during the presentation.

According to the author, in compiling the directory, he continued the line of bibliographers and bibliophiles of the middle XIX — early XX century. The starting point was a list compiled by Mykola Berezin, the author of “Russian book rarity”. He stressed that in drawing up such lists is quite subjective, but the choice of publications you always need to consider how the cultural, literary and bibliographical value they have.

“Each book is a story about it, I want to write a small novel, but then it is not a directory, and a collection of essays. To avoid this temptation is incredibly difficult, but I tried to make small remarks,” — said Seslavinskiy, adding that almost all notes have a small section associated with the pricing of a particular publication, which will allow you to see how varied the price of this book.

The catalog includes books from such segments as rare magazines, the first book of the great Russian poets of the Silver age, bibliophilic editions illustrated by famous artists, banned and destroyed editions, Deluxe editions and more.

In addition, the author explained why he included in the catalogue 333 names.

“I am a supporter of beautiful figures, in addition, 333 — the number of serious for the collector of rare books, because this edition was published by great books of Alexei Remizov, “Tsar Dodon. Treasured tales”. At the same time, it is enough to showcase the paintings and to avoid the reproach that some segments were not included,” said the Seslavinsky.