The head of the Japanese foreign Ministry plans to discuss with Lavrov bilateral relations

Глава МИД Японии планирует обсудить с Лавровым двусторонние отношения

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida stated that he intends to discuss with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov the situation in the DPRK, Syria and Ukraine, as well as bilateral relations.

Kishida in early talks with Lavrov noted that this is the third meeting of foreign Ministers of the two countries in 2016. The Minister appreciated the contacts with the Russian side not only on bilateral issues but also on the international agenda.

“Today I hope to prepare the visit of President (Vladimir) Putin to Japan, we will hold a discussion on bilateral issues, and I intend to have an exchange of views on such international issues like North Korea, Syria and Ukraine”, — said Kishida at the beginning of the conversation with the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

The meeting Kishida and Lavrov began on Saturday. The head of the Japanese foreign Ministry, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kishida conveyed to the Russian leader Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. Putin, in turn, handed the Minister a letter to the head of the Japanese Cabinet. The Russian President assured that Moscow is continuing work on the implementation of proposals to expand economic cooperation of the Russian Federation and Japan, which was made by Abe.

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