The head of the Russian Orthodox Church: the radicals hiding behind religion should be stopped

Глава РПЦ: радикалы, прикрывающиеся религией, должны быть остановлены

Extremists and radicals, hiding behind religious slogans should be stopped, including “force of arms”; in the struggle against religious radicalism Orthodox believers are United with Muslims, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on Saturday for the first time will arrive with his primatial visit to France. Ahead of the visit he gave an interview to the French newspaper Le Figaro, which leads Saturday, the Patriarchal press service.

Answering the question about how the Moscow Patriarchate thinks the fight against radical Islam, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church noted that the Church is fighting “not against Islam in any of his reading” and “against militant atheism which has no right to identify with any religion in General, including Islam”.

“And that fight we are side by side with Muslims, who see the horrific murders committed allegedly in the name of Islam, desecration of their religion. We understand them. The person who appropriates the right to kill in the name of God must be stopped, including, if necessary, by force of arms,” — said the Patriarch.

In his opinion, play into the hands of preachers religious radicalism those who are fighting with the manifestations of religion in the public space, precludes the development of religious education. The deficit of genuine knowledge about the religion, said the Patriarch, “gives huge scope for recruiters of ISIS” (“Islamic state” is a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

“We cannot say that in religious radicalism pushes people a distorted view on traditional morality, and equalization of virtue with sin. Comprehensive support for traditional religious communities — the best way to prevent religious extremism, to protect people from atheistic ideology of ISIS spreading like a virus,” — said the Patriarch.