The list of obligatory school literature cannot be reduced, according to the onf

Список обязательной школьной литературы нельзя сокращать, считают в ОНФ

The list of compulsory literature to read in school should not be reduced, said the head of the working group “Education and culture as the basis of national identity” of the popular front, the Deputy of the state Duma Lyubov Dukhanina at the joint meeting of the Council under RF President on culture and art Council under the President of the Russian Federation on the Russian language.

“The idea of reducing the list of compulsory literature to read in school is causing fierce debate in civil society: to cut or not to cut and if to cut, what to cut. But we should not reduce our task is to create new opportunities for opening the world of literature for people of any age, finding new motives of references to classical literature, to show that her reading is intellectual work, interesting and exciting,” said Dukhanina on Friday.

The MP stressed that many adults today is interesting to rediscover the classics, not that they are unable to understand in full in childhood.

“After all, the classic combines from the splendor of the Russian language, depth of meaning and imagery, spiritual, and moral lessons,” said Dukhanina.

However, she also noted that Russian classical literature is the most natural and effective way of formation of personality.

“Her experience and historical memory of the Russian people, the path of compassion and moral self-determination. Unfortunately, we are still a growing number of not-reading children, the school concentrates on the analysis of the interpretations of texts, and the reading usually goes beyond the lesson. Subject to a brief retelling of the ready essays of the license. In the end, the big text of the classic novel of the 19th century it becomes difficult to perceive for the modern student,” said Dukhanina.