The rector of literary Institute proposed to introduce into the universities a compulsory course literature

Ректор Литинститута предложил ввести в вузах обязательный курс литературы

The rector of the Literary Institute named after Gorky Alexey Varlamov proposed to introduce into the universities required a course of Russian literature, to revive the school of the art translation of the languages of the peoples of Russia and create in Moscow the Building of national literatures.

“I would have thought that, may be, to enter into higher education institutions in all specialties, the course of Russian literature, maybe the course of world literature based on Russian literature, because it is very important and it can be very helpful. This is already being done at the University of Moscow as the inter-faculty course, and I think that such initiative should be spread out to support,” said Varlamov on Friday at joint session of Council under RF President on culture and art Council under the President of the Russian Federation on the Russian language.

He noted that at first this idea must be discussed in the expert community to avoid the indoctrination of the subject. “It should not be so ideological subjects as history of the Communist party”, — said the rector.

“But the idea of the Humanities course, which would be studied by all students, it seems to me very important, because some dehumanitization education in our country has occurred”, — said Varlamov.

In addition, he also noted the importance of the return of the school of literary translation from languages of the peoples of Russia. “At the literary Institute, the rector of which I am trying to revive these traditions, we re-create a Department of literary translation from languages of the peoples of Russia, but I think activity is only one of the literary Institute is not enough. In the course of my travels, conversations with colleagues from the national republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus had the idea to create in Moscow the Building of national literatures,” said Varlamov.

He asked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to support this idea, and handed him a project of establishing a House of national literatures.

“Good idea, will have to work together” — Putin said.