This past November was the coldest in Russia since 2000

Прошедший ноябрь стал самым холодным в России с 2000 года

This past November was the coldest in Russia since 2000, said in a Saturday statement on the website of the Russian hydrometeorological center.

“November, like the past, Russia is not seen, according to the operational climate monitoring conducted by the Hydrometeorological centre of Russia, since 2000. The cold gripped almost the entire country from the Western border to the sea of Okhotsk”, — stated in the message.

In the Urals and in Western Siberia the average monthly air temperature was 4-6 degrees below normal. In Primorye it was the third coldest November in the history of meteorological observations, that is since 1891, the weather service adds. And in the Urals this cold November was last observed nearly 30 years ago in 1987.

“In the Volga region and the North Caucasus, the Urals and Siberia, in Yakutia and on Sakhalin was a new record minimum temperatures. Only the Arctic region of the country remained in the power of the abnormally warm weather. There were warmer than normal at 6-12 degrees,” — said the meteorologist.