Virgin Galactic successfully tested the latest SpaceShipTwo

Virgin Galactic успешно испытала новейший SpaceShipTwo

The company Virgin Galactic conducted a successful test flight of the latest suborbital manned spaceplane VSS Unity of the SpaceShipTwo class.

“The ship and crew came back with them all right after the first successful test gliding flight,” the company said in its official Twitter.

VSS Unity and carrying his WhiteKnightTwo aircraft was launched from a test site in the Mojave desert. An hour and a half flight was commanded spacecraft undocked from the carrier aircraft. The spaceplane “sailed” on their own about 10 minutes, and then independently landed on the ground.

VSS Unity, like carrying aircraft operated by a pair of pilots on Board WhiteKnightTwo was also the flight engineer.

“Gliding flight” SpaceShipTwo became the first in a series of test flights of a new suborbital vehicle. Previously, the company conducted flight tests of the vehicle without separation from the carrier aircraft.

SpaceShipTwo (SS2) — private manned suborbital spacecraft that was created to deliver tourists into space. SpaceShipTwo rises into the air on WhiteKnightTwo, then separate from the plane and on their own rocket-powered rises to the border with outer space.

The ship is able to fly at a height of about 100 kilometers, which is considered the boundary of space. First test flight with crew took place on 10 October 2010.

Tests on the 31 Oct 2014 a prototype of the spaceship VSS Enterprise undocked from the aircraft carrier, but in a few minutes after starting the engine fell apart. The crash killed one of the pilots.

After the accident, more than two dozen of the 800 future passengers who bought tickets for a flight aboard SpaceShipTwo, demanded the return of money and announced his intention to abandon space flight.