Whether it is necessary to distinguish the vehicles of elderly drivers

Надо ли выделять автомобили пожилых водителей

Older drivers can get special signs on their vehicles to attract the attention of other road users. Can the stickers affect traffic conditions, and in some countries use this practice? Expert opinions – in the material RIA Novosti.

“It often happens that drivers older than 75 years use the machine rarely. During the breaks they can just forgotten how to drive. On such machines, and machine beginners, it makes sense to put a distinctive sign,” — said Babenko.

The sign will show other road users that they face an elderly driver and he should give, reported Regional news Agency of the Moscow region the initiator of the innovation.

Later the police of the Prefecture of Aichi has even offered to older drivers to get permanent discounts at restaurants in exchange for giving up driving.

In some European countries older drivers can exchange their right to free travel on public transport.

Drivers over 80 must pass a special medical examination to confirm the right of management of vehicles in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France and Germany.

The eligibility criteria of the driver to control the car, his physical condition, which is confirmed by a certificate according to the results of the medical Commission, he said.

Agree with him and automotive expert and host of TV channel “Auto Plus” Pavel Fedorov. New sticker on the car may lead to the selection of pensioner drivers on the road.

“It’s a series of caps and shoulder straps that some drivers hold the glass in the car, the words “For VDV” or signatures on license under the attitude to the authorities”, — said Fedorov. The official representative of traffic police left without comment the question of RIA news on the possible appearance of characters for drivers retired.

Possible problems with the drivers, retirees may be associated not only with the physical condition (deterioration of vision and slowing reactions), but also the technical features of their cars.

“Older people can’t always afford to buy new cars, they are forced to go on older machines, which can be difficult to manage and more young drivers,” — said the expert.

The driver must drive carefully and safely, regardless of age and car. However, the label “elderly driver” would allow other road users to “understand and forgive” the motorist of age in case of mistakes on the road, said Fedorov.

In Russia the number of accidents for the first 10 months of the current year decreased by 6.5% to 142,4 million, but the traffic police do not keep statistics on the accidents of older drivers. Driver permit issued for a period of 10 years. To get the document for a new term are required to pass a medical examination. Restrictions on the age limit for driving in our country.

Special laws that affect older drivers, there are a few States of the USA. For example, in California, if a motorist is over the age of 70 years at least two times a year got in an accident, he must retake it on the right. But some States are blocking the adoption of laws that are discriminatory.