Alexander Filippenko will speak in London with a solo performance

Александр Филиппенко выступит в Лондоне с моноспектаклем

Famous Russian actor Alexander Filippenko Sunday will perform in London with a solo performance, during which he will read fragments of the works of Mikhail Zoshchenko, Andrei Platonov, Sergei Dovlatov.

“In London Filippenko will give a big solo concert for the first time. “The author in captivity” is a new program of the actor, which he is now successfully performing in the United States. This performance Filippenko considers one of the most significant of his works. Is it a kind of benefit”, — told RIA Novosti organizer of the evening, one of the founders of the lecture hall “Direct speech” Svetlana Bolshakova. “Filippenko combines on the scene of the tragicomedy that is his favorite genre, and the creativity of his close-minded writers and poets: Zoshchenko, Averchenko, Pasternak, zhvanetskogo, Vysotsky, Bulgakov, Levitanskogo, Dovlatov” she said.

According to Bolshakova, a concert was organized at the request of the London listeners, some of whom had seen him in Moscow. “Already a whole generation, for which the names of all these writers — only the names. And Filippenko knows the works of these writers to memory. And reads them so that the audience sees what they haven’t noticed before. I pause, facial expressions and plastic Filippenko can be considered an independent work”, she said.

The solo performance will take place at 19.00 (22.00 GMT) in the building of the Royal geographical society.

Filippenko — people’s artist of Russia, he played in more than 80 movies, including the movie Alexis Herman, “My friend Ivan Lapshin” and in the TV series “the Master and Margarita” continues to play in the theater, including productions of Andrei Konchalovsky and Dmitry Krymov.