Bavarian businessmen will soon visit the Crimea

Баварские бизнесмены в ближайшее время посетят Крым

German businessmen will visit Crimea with promising investment projects, said Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgiy Muradov.

“Businessmen from Bavaria going again to visit us. They offered interesting projects, such as processing of sunflower in sunflower oil it is popular it is completely. In addition, the creation of enterprise for production of special hoses used for drip irrigation systems. These are high quality hoses that are very popular given the fact that water has a definite shortage in the Crimea”, — told RIA Novosti Muradov.

According to him, the agriculture of the Republic goes to the economical water consumption, therefore, the creation of enterprises for the production of hoses for irrigation will contribute to these goals.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the visit of the delegation is expected in December.

The last time the Peninsula was visited by several foreign delegations. So, earlier this year the Crimea was visited by groups of Italian, German and American politicians and public figures.

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