Five biographical films of the year, that you might have missed

Пять биографических фильмов года, которые вы могли пропустить

Pavel Nuts, for RIA Novosti

Released this week “the Odyssey” — the movie-fun for all who red hat is not synonymous with folklore, and with an underwater romance. French filmmakers have tried to show that their legendary compatriot was not only outstanding, but also a controversial person, to live close to where it was extremely difficult. But it turned out they had the same love and respect to what publicly engaged Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his love around the world and especially in Russia.

The two-hour “Odyssey” — a story about family and career growth Cousteau, who all his life had to sacrifice everything: first to be able to do what you love, and then to return the meaning of life.

“Snowden” goes to the same lists the main financial failures of the year. But Director Oliver stone, raising the most uncomfortable American matters, it is hardly surprising unpopularity of the picture. But it premiered at the festival in Toronto, which has become in recent years one of the most popular and relevant international festivals, and the show was greeted with a standing ovation. However, after last year’s film “Citizenfour: Snowden Truth” to tell something new on the stated theme is quite difficult.

Пять биографических фильмов года, которые вы могли пропустить
Frame from the film “Snowden”

As one of the authors of the film set lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, whose book “Time of the octopus” became the basis of the plot. With the Executive producer of the film, an American of Ukrainian origin Igor Lopatenko, Oliver stone then made two more pictures, including the documentary “Ukraine in the fire” and the movie about Vladimir Putin.