In Austria opened the first polling stations in the presidential elections

В Австрии открылись первые участки для голосования на выборах президента

In Austria opened polling stations on elections of the President of the country.

In the Republic this day the right to vote can use the 6 million 399 thousand 572 people over the age of 16. The country has about 8.5 million inhabitants.

Voters will have to decide between engineer, Deputy and candidate of the right-nationalist party 45-year-old Norbert Hofer and 72-year-old Professor and economist for pensions and former green leader Alexander van der Bellena.

Polling stations in Austria, depending on Federal land, work in different ways, some open at 7.00 am (9.00 am GMT), some only 10.00 (12.00 GMT), and in this time individual items will begin to close. By 17.00 local time (19.00 GMT) must complete all sections of the country.

The Austrians call the vote on the presidency for the third time this year. The first round in April were offered the choice between the six candidates in the final left — Hofer and van der Bellen. The results of the second round held in may this year, has abolished the country’s constitutional court. Thus, the CC upheld the complaint of the Freedom party, disavowed the victory of “green” and announced the need of the repeat second round of voting.

As in many countries, voters should place a cross, a tick or any other sign in the column opposite the candidate’s name, but you can also highlight the name of any applicant or to strike his opponent. It is possible, though not desirable, to draw on the Bulletin, or to put something in the envelope to mail-in document.

After the polls closed counting begins actually came to vote. The voices of those who chose to vote remotely, will take into account the next day, Monday.

The turnout at the end of last election day, according to the channel of ORF, was about 72%, nearly 4.4 million people.

In may of Hofer gave their votes to 51.9 percent for Austrians, his opponent van der Bell is 48.1%. The situation broke the next day, when the interior Ministry counted the ballots that came in the mail. Then, the former “green” as a result of ahead of right 31 26 thousand votes, or 0.6%.