In the suburbs strangled eight-year-old boy

В Подмосковье задушили восьмилетнего мальчика

In the suburbs the investigators found the body of eight-year-old boy, who died from strangulation, according to the Investigative Committee.

The resident of Domodedovo district told the police about the disappearance of a child. Investigators found the boy’s body in the woods near Lazenskeho cemetery in Domodedovo. According to preliminary data, he died from asphyxia, his neck squeezed by hand.

SK filed a case of murder of a minor. It soon became clear that involved in murder 36-the summer local resident, the husband of the child’s mother. According to the UK, previously it was repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility.

The suspect is detained, the investigation will ask the court to arrest him.

Investigators also checks participation of the detainee “to commit violent acts of a sexual nature against the victim”.

The orders of the head of the Moscow dome RCDS, the case was transferred to the first Department on investigation of especially important cases, investigation connected the most experienced investigators and criminologists, the report said.