New champion Murat Gassiev won the Denis Lebedev in a fight for the IBF title

Новый чемпион: Мурат Гассиев победил Дениса Лебедева в бою за титул IBF

Russian Denis Lebedev in an equal fight a split decision was defeated by his compatriot Murat Gassieva and lost the belt to the IBF in the first heavy weight, won last fight against Argentinian Victor Emilio Ramirez.

Lebedev held a mandatory IBF defence against 23-year-old Gassieva on Saturday in Moscow. This defeat was a 37-year-old Lebedev is the third in his career with 29 victories, but for Gassieva this triumph was 24 m. Long before the fight Lebedev was considered the clear favorite, but closer to the day of the battle quotes changed. It was obvious that the audience is waiting for an equal fight, and was probably not accidental that the team Lebedev for a few days took the title of WBA (Super) battle.

Новый чемпион: Мурат Гассиев победил Дениса Лебедева в бою за титул IBF
Right to left: Denis Lebedev and Murat Gassiev

At the same time on all posters and promotional video of the bout was announced as for the title of champion in two versions. This fact greatly upset the team Gassieva.

“I’m upset that at stake was only one belt. But these questions you need to ask the organizers why they removed one of the belts. If they ask for a rematch, it will not be because they took one belt,” commented the match, the promoter of the fighter from South Ossetia Leon Margules.

Not worth much to ponder, who came to “cheer” famous football figures: Valery Gazzaev, Alan Dzagoev, Alan Kasaev and Vladimir Gabulov. The only thing missing was the head coach of Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. Also, the fight was attended by famous Kazakhstani boxer Gennady Golovkin, who willingly took photos with everyone, but the fellowship refused.

Titles need to gain more confident

The first rounds of the fight took place not at a fast pace. Rivals watched, and, striking a series of blows the opponents one by one, although it seemed that the attacks Gassieva was sharper that brought joy to the stands, chanting “Alania”. But to say that the audience was for the applicant impossible. Rather, sympathies were strongly divided.

In any case, the determining factor was the fifth round when Lebedev for the second time in his career was knocked down – Gassiev had a good effect on the liver, and then the Gong saved Lebedev. Later in the ring again went smooth, but exciting fight.

Новый чемпион: Мурат Гассиев победил Дениса Лебедева в бою за титул IBF
Murat Gassiev

“Perhaps because of the blow to the liver have stopped working on the feet, and in the first four rounds I have fun. Claims no one there, only to himself,” analyzed the fight Lebedev.

“I want to say that I won, I was a little bit better. One American judge gave the victory to me and wondered why the judge Kalinkin gave the victory to Murad. At least a draw would put, — said Lebedev, adding that he overestimated the opponent. “Murat was advised to work on the defence. They are about the same (Youre) Kalinga, may Gassiev was better ready. Or just impact blow to the liver,” said the WBA champion.

Lebedev’s trainer Freddie roach expressed the view that the match could end in a draw. “It was a very close fight. I even thought that could be a draw. Dennis fought very bravely in the end, but the first five rounds… I was very nervous and during the battle. Gassiev is a great puncher, he’s strong, and I was worried. He is above Lebedev, he’s got long arms, but Dennis, by the way, is fine with it. I hope for a rematch between them,” roach analyzed the meeting.

Night of knockouts

Another great surprise was the first defeat in the career of Russian Eduard Troyanovsky, which has a 40 second lost to Julius Indongo and lost so hard-won IBF and IBO belts in the Welterweight. The explanation can only be two things: underestimation of opponent who is not known for her powerful blow or lucky punch.

Новый чемпион: Мурат Гассиев победил Дениса Лебедева в бою за титул IBF
Right to left: Denis Lebedev and Murat Gassiev

Troyanovsky for a long time could not recover, but eventually stood up and he left the ring. The surprise of all the spectators knew no bounds, and some fans and not restrained, showing tolerance for dark-skinned winner. “You know, I don’t think that will be a rematch. Too much honor, we are not going to pursue revenge. As you could see — (win) 40 seconds. I don’t think there should be something to repeat. If they want something, they will have to come to Africa, to our country,” said the the winner’s trainer Nestor Tobias.

Another Russian Dmitry Kudryashov, who conquered the audience with their fast and spectacular knockouts, dealt with the Colombian Santander Silgado for fifteen minutes and won the WBC Silver. In another confrontation between the Russian heavyweight Maxim Vlasov in the seventh round struck rahimu Chahkieva the third defeat of his career.

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