The Austrian politician told what to expect from Russia’s future President

Австрийский политик рассказал, чего ждать России от будущего президента

Leading to the election of the President of Austria, former leader of the “green” Alexander van der Bellen, likely to build good relations with Russia, realizing the importance for the EU and the world, said the Austrian politician, President of the European forum Alpbach Franz Fischler.

On last Sunday the election of the President in Austria, the authorities leader van der Bellen. With the victory already congratulated his opponent for the presidential race, the candidate of the right-nationalist freedom Party Norbert Hofer. While officially the results of the vote will be count only on Monday, December 5.

“I think that van der Bellen kind of person who can appreciate the importance of Russia to modern Europe and the future of the world. And that he will also try to develop good relations with Russia,” – said RIA Novosti Fischler.

In his opinion, “the result of the presidential election for Europe — best.”

“Through this result sends a clear message to the nationalist right-wing parties and that it still does not resolved the issue — as this dream of Mrs. Len Pen (the leader natsfronta in France – ed.) — that they are in Europe will soon have the power”,- said the President of the forum.