The candidate on a post of the President of Uzbekistan admitted that they voted for themselves

Кандидат на пост президента Узбекистана признался, что голосовал за себя

One of the candidates for the post of the President of Uzbekistan, leader of the people’s democratic party of Uzbekistan (PDPU) Hatamian Meetings admitted that they voted for themselves.

“The mood is good, all vote for their candidate. I also voted,” — said Meetings. On specifying question of journalists whether he had voted for himself, Meetings said, “Yes, of course.”

After that, he talked to a Chinese observer, who was also present on the site. With journalists and observer candidate spoke in the Uzbek language.

Meetings voted by 282 area.

At the election of the President have the right to vote of 20.4 million voters. Voting began at 6.00 am (4.00 GMT) and will run until 20.00 (18.00 GMT). The elections will be declared after vote 33% of registered voters. Their results will be summarized on Monday morning.

The second of September at the age of 78 from a stroke died first, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, the acting head of the Republic was appointed Mirziyoev. He was in favour of accession of the country to the military-political blocs and the development of relations with CIS countries, primarily with Russia.

The elections involved three candidates: Hataman Meetings (people’s democratic party of Uzbekistan, PDPU), Sarwar of Atamuradov, (National democratic party “Milly Tiklanish”, the “National revival”), and narimon Umarov (the social democratic party “Adolat”, “Justice”). They are also encouraged to maintain and develop Alliance and strategic relations with Russia and reluctant to join the Republic of new organizations, in particular, in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).