The Patriarch urged his compatriots in Paris to preserve the spiritual link with the Motherland

Патриарх призвал соотечественников в Париже беречь духовную связь с родиной

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill after the vigil in the old Russian Orthodox Church in the name of the Three hierarchs in Paris on the streets of Loops called on compatriots abroad to preserve the spiritual link with the Motherland, Russian language and culture.

“God grant that all Russian Orthodox people who today while in the Diaspora consider themselves a Church, attend the temple, had this example of an old exile before him, and in any case did not let their children lose language and culture. It’s your duty. You can live anywhere, but you cannot sever the spiritual and cultural ties with his people. It is very dangerous for the integrity of man for his cultural identity. So to help all of you God keep faith, Russian culture, Russian language, to visit temples and to do good deeds to which we are called by the Lord,” said the Patriarch.

According to him, the Church has never eclipsed the image and the story of a humble immigrant Church of the Three hierarchs on the streets of Loops that began in the 1930-ies of the garage.

“Keep the Orthodox faith in the hearts as have kept its first generation of Russian emigration, lived in poverty, sorrow, but he remained selfless. Not just the faith — the culture, the language. I am sometimes just amazed at how the youth of today, arriving at the border and haven’t learned the local language, begins to speak in Russian with accent, foreign intonation. How wonderful to speak Russian the old emigration, the children of these people. They were really good, brilliant sense of the word patriots who kept the love of country, to the Church, to his people, and kept the great Russian culture”, — said the Patriarch.

The community and Church in honor of the three hierarchs — Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian and John Chrysostom — founded in 1931, the Russian believers, headed by Bishop Benjamin (by Fedchenkov). They remained loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate after the departure in 1930, most of the Russian parishes, headed by Metropolitan Evlogy (Georgiyevsky) under the omophorion of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

First room of the temple were leased underground repair garage. Its members were prominent figures of Russian emigration, in particular young Vladimir Lossky, future famous preacher of Orthodoxy in Europe, Metropolitan of Sourozh (UK) Anthony (bloom). In 1960, with the formation of the Korsun diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Church of Three saints acquired the status of a Cathedral and is located on the first floor of the new house (with the condition that none of the elements of the external architecture will not indicate a religious purpose).

Korsun diocese was named in honor of the city of Korsun — so in Ancient Russia was called the Chersonesus Taurica in Crimea, where according to legend, converted to Christianity St. Vladimir, who baptized the Rus. Today Korsun diocese of the United parishes and monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Patriarch Kirill in the course of his primatial visit to the diocese of Korsun 3-7 December visit not only Paris, but also Zurich (Switzerland), where he will head the Church festivities on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Church of the Resurrection.