The Prime Minister of Turkey during his visit to Russia to discuss the transition to trade in national currency

Премьер Турции в ходе визита в РФ обсудит переход к торговле за нацвалюты

The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim will discuss during his visit to Russia on 6 December, the transition to payments in trade between the two countries in rubles and Turkish liras, said Sunday President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Over the past month the Turkish Lira fell against the dollar by more than 11%. On Friday, the Lira exchange rate to dollar has fallen to historic lows, reaching 3.54 Lira per dollar. Earlier, Erdogan explained that Turkey’s enemies of trying to use economic levers of pressure on Ankara by manipulating the exchange rate.

“Our Prime Minister will tomorrow leave for Russia the next day will hold meetings with Russian officials. In the near future we will take measures for the transition in bilateral trade with Russia in national currency”, — said Erdogan, speaking at the rally in Kayseri on Sunday.

He added that the Central Bank of Turkey have been given appropriate instructions, and similar measures will also be adopted, with trade with China and Iran.

The Turkish President once again urged their citizens to swap dollars for Lira and gold to stabilize the exchange rate of the Turkish currency.