The representatives of Oman, will attend a meeting of OPEC and non-cartel countries

Представители Омана посетят встречу ОПЕК и не входящих в картель стран

Oman will take part in the meeting of OPEC with other countries-oil producers, which is scheduled in Vienna on 10 December, reports Reuters, citing the country’s oil Minister Mohammed bin Hamad ar-Rumhi.

Oman is not an OPEC member. The organization of petroleum exporting countries earlier in the meeting 30 November reached an agreement to reduce production, which is intended to stabilize prices in the oil market. It is expected that the contract will be joined by non-OPEC countries.

According to the Agency, oil Minister of Oman said that Oman is willing to reduce its production even more than 3-4 percent, which is currently being negotiated with other oil-producing countries outside OPEC.

According to the deal of the OPEC countries, since January, the members of the cartel will cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day — up to 32.5 million barrels per day.

The agreement calls for production cuts by countries outside the cartel, 600 thousand barrels per day. Russia agreed to cut production by 300 thousand barrels a day.

According to Reuters, OPEC meeting with the rest of the countries initially planned in Moscow, but was moved to Vienna and will take place on 10 December. —0-