Will be the century: in Paris sanctified a new Orthodox temple

Будет стоять века: в Париже освятили новый православный храм

The consecration of the new Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Russian Orthodox spiritual and cultural center on the Quai Branly in Paris is a historical event, the Church will be standing a century, told reporters the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov.

On Sunday, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill consecrated the Sunday new Cathedral Trinity Cathedral in Paris.

“This is a historic event not only for Russian-French relations, but also, I think, for our country. In one of the most beautiful, famous cities in the world, in Paris, today opened Orthodox temple, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which will here be the century. It is a symbol of our past friendship, present, and future”, — said the Ambassador.

Будет стоять века: в Париже освятили новый православный храм
Patriarch Kirill’s visit to France

He added that “with the consecration of this temple today, the beating heart of the Russian spiritual cultural center in Paris.” “Now he’s really opened and will serve to promote peace and friendship between our countries,” — said Orlov.

The historic Liturgy, which began at the temple early Sunday morning, came hundreds of guests, among whom was the head of Fund socially-cultural initiatives Svetlana Medvedeva, the President of the Board of Trustees of St. Andrew Foundation and world public forum “Dialogue of civilizations” the ex-President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, representatives of the famous names of the Russian emigration: Prince Alexander troubetzkoy, Prince Dmitry Shakhovskoy, count Pyotr Sheremetyev, count Sergey Pahlen, and others.

Yakunin, answering the question of correspondent of RIA Novosti, said that he had been in this temple for the first time, but will visit it during your next visits to Paris.

“The consecration of the Church in light of the situation unfolding in the world today — social, political — seems to me a significant phenomenon. Maybe it’s my own subjective feeling, but I would say that it is not only a religious phenomenon, not only religious but also socio-political. The opening of our Orthodox Church, its consecration is now in France, in the heart of Europe, it seems to me symbolic. And very positive,” said Yakunin.

For the first time was in the center on the Quai Branly and the national actor of Russia Oleg Pogudin. “I was the first time in this Cathedral. I’m still a man of the Church, trying now to pray. The event itself is of importance, in my opinion, incredible. It’s amazing, it’s a miracle, it’s happiness. In a sense, this holiday is victory over lie, very serious,” said the singer.

Pogudin added that “the Christian faith is manifested in such a festive, happy, sometimes very unexpected, as today’s songs, the action wins, in fact, all the nonsense, stupidity and even some very, very unpleasant and difficult things.”

“Very important event” called the consecration of Prince Alexander Trubetskoy. “First is the emergence of a new house of God. Secondly, it is a very welcome event, because until now, our Cathedral Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the former garage, which then turned into a house Church. Now, finally, there is a real temple, we waited a long time, and now it is. Now we can show that Paris is a new place where you can meet Christians from all over the world and praise God,” he said.

The occasion of finding a new Church with Orthodox Christians divided and the French guests.

“It was a beautiful ceremony, very touching, which allowed me to look into the soul of Russia, the soul of Orthodoxy. I think this center is a wonderful jewel in the crown of Paris most beautiful street, which is the river Seine,” said RIA Novosti the representative of the government of France for relations with the Russian Federation and ex-Minister of defense Jean-Pierre Chevenement.

Another guest of the festival was the famous French singer Mireille Mathieu.

“It was very unusual, very beautiful lighting of this beautiful Cathedral by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. In my country, France. I’m happy to share the joy of all people, his Russian friends as a man who is often in Russia. These songs today, it was amazing! I am proud to have been awarded such an honor to be here today at the coverage,” said Mathieu RIA Novosti.

The question about the possibility of creating an Orthodox center in Paris raised the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II during his visit to France in October 2007, as the old St. Nicholas Church on the street of the Loops is too small and can not accommodate all the parishioners, especially in a momentous day for the Orthodox event.

Land for spiritual and cultural center with a new large (500 people) temple on the banks of the Seine on the Quai Branly, near the Eiffel tower was acquired by the office of the President of the Russian Federation in March 2010. In April 2015, a solemn laying of the first stone of the future center, and on 19 October of 2016 he’s already opened: the opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky and the head of the Moscow Patriarchate on foreign institutions Bishop Bogorodskiy Anthony.