In the OP waiting for personal decisions by the officials after a major accident in KHMAO

В ОП ждут персональных решений по чиновникам после крупного ДТП в ХМАО

The time has come for making personal decisions to officials directly or indirectly responsible for such a terrible tragedy, as in Ugra, the Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on social policy, labour relations and quality of life of citizens Vladimir Slepak.

A major accident occurred in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. According to the latest data, victims of accident of a steel of 12 persons, including 10 teenagers from the team for sports acrobatics.

“I think the time has come for making personal decisions by officials, is not able to execute the instructions of Vladimir Putin. Also I think it is high time a final decision on removal of beacons from vehicles serving our officials servants of the people that should not wait until the Supreme decree, and do it willingly, remembering concepts such as ethics and morality,” — said Slepak RIA Novosti.

Member OP said that recently the President of the Russian Federation were given numerous strict instructions to reduce injuries on the roads, improving the existing legislation. “However, it is clear that the actions of the officials responsible for this issue is insufficient and often reduced to half-measures and inappropriate discussions. It is clear that almost nothing changes from the point of view of transport safety”, — he added.

The social worker stressed that “small marks, barely visible to the traffic participants, “Caution children” are virtually useless. In addition, the vehicles that are transporting children must comply with the international requirements: bright colors, flashing beacons, additional technical means, including the bumper barrier, and much more.

“I think that no one on our roads like buses for transportation of children not seen, however, as technically secure bus stops — let me remind you that just two weeks ago a taxi driver in Moscow went to the tram stop, injuring 13 people, peacefully awaiting urban transport”, he concluded.