NYT: Americans threaten to boycott the world Cup bobsled and skeleton in Sochi

NYT: американцы грозят бойкотом ЧМ по бобслею и скелетону в Сочи

The U.S. team is considering a boycott of the world Cup bobsleigh and skeleton in 2017 in Sochi, reports the New York Times, citing documents at the disposal of edition.

As can be seen from the official notes, American sportsmen, concerned doping control, as well as personal and information security.

“Sochi is a place where there was fraud. Nothing was done after this scandal, and we are going there to participate in the race. It is not possible to feel safe”, — quotes the words of the NYT skeletonitch Katie Alender.

According to the newspaper, athletes supports the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The world Cup bobsled and skeleton in Sochi will be held from February 13 to February 26.

In July the head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Richard McLaren announced the results of the investigation, which concerned the violation of anti-doping rules at the Olympic winter games of 2014 in Sochi. McLaren said that Russia has allegedly supported system of doping athletes. The second part of the report of McLaren will be released on 9 December in London.

Meanwhile, the Russian side has taken many steps to investigate the situation with doping. So, in late November the head of the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA) Vitaly Smirnov said that most of the issues on restoration of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory managed to solve it. The investigative Committee is investigating a doping scandal.

President Vladimir Putin sent a message to the Federal Assembly said that the country will create “the most advanced system of fight” against doping, given the numerous attempts of external pressure on Russia and harassment of athletes at the summer Olympics in 2016. Earlier Putin signed the law on introduction of criminal liability for declination of athletes for doping.