Patriarch Cyril and the mayor of Paris to discuss the development of cultural ties

Патриарх Кирилл и мэр Парижа обсудили развитие культурных связей

Trinity Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Quai Branly in Paris will contribute to the development of cultural relations and the French-Russian friendship, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo at the meeting on Sunday.

“A lot of buildings are being built in Paris, as in any modern city. But the construction of this Cathedral is a historic event. Even if we leave aside the religious dimension is a huge contribution to our culture, and most importantly — heart relationships between people”, — said the Patriarch to the mayor of Paris after the consecration of the Cathedral and the first Church services in it.

According to him, politicians and scientists speak the language of intelligence, business — in the language of their stomachs and wallets, and spiritual and cultural traditions is a conversation at the level of the heart. “The religious sentiment, art, culture — to understand the soul of each other. I therefore attach great importance to dialogue between churches, religious communities. In this sense, the construction of the Cathedral and the centre — a huge contribution to the dialogue between our peoples. The fact that such construction became possible, helps us to understand the amazing generosity of your people,” — said the Patriarch Cyril.

Anne Hidalgo said that besides religious communities, including Orthodox, feel in Paris like at home. “I am very pleased that we have strong research links, including exchanges between the seminaries,” said the mayor.

She is confident that the opening of the Russian spiritual and cultural center and the consecration of the new Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church will allow the French-Russian relations to become even closer. According to her, the administration has a good relationship with Bishop Nestor of Korsun. Hidalgo also noted that moved by the words of Patriarch Kirill said after the Liturgy at the new Cathedral, and be sure that these words “also touched the hearts of Parisians.”

The historic Liturgy in the new Church of the Russian Orthodox Church, built in the prestigious 7th arrondissement of the French capital near the Eiffel tower, there were about 500 people. Among the honored guests, according to the press Secretary of the Patriarch priest of Alexander Volkov, the head of Fund socially-cultural initiatives Svetlana Medvedeva, Manager of the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Kolpakov, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. Andrew Foundation and World public forum “Dialogue of civilizations” the ex-President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. The service was attended by famous names of the Russian emigration, Russian popular singer Mireille Mathieu and model Natalia Vodianova, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, the papal Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, the permanent Secretary of the French Academy, winner of the award of Fund of unity of Orthodox peoples Ellen D Career Anko, the Ambassador of Russia in France Alexander Orlov. Part of the chants sounded in French.

Land for spiritual and cultural center with a new large (500 people) temple on the banks of the Seine on the Quai Branly, near the Eiffel tower was acquired by the office of the President of the Russian Federation in March 2010. In April 2015, a solemn laying of the first stone of the future center, and on 19 October of 2016 he’s already opened: the opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky and the head of the Moscow Patriarchate on foreign institutions Bishop Bogorodskiy Anthony.