Scientists: walnuts reduce the likelihood of developing cancer by 15%

Ученые: орехи снижают вероятность развития рака на 15%

Eating large amounts of nuts significantly reduces the likelihood of developing a number of diseases: cancer 15%, of coronary heart disease by 30% and the overall risk of death by 22%, according to a paper published in the journal BMC Medicine.

“Nuts contain a large amount of fiber, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids – all of these substances work to lower cholesterol and are therefore useful for the health of the heart and blood vessels. Some nuts, especially walnuts and pecans, contain many antioxidants that help cells to fight stress and reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. In addition, there is a suspicion that walnuts may reduce the likelihood of obesity,” said Dagfinn Aun (Dagfinn Aune) from Imperial College London (UK).

Aung and his colleagues came to this conclusion after analyzing and comparing the results of three dozen other scientific papers in which other researchers conducted 20 experiments aimed at investigating the beneficial properties of various products, including nuts.

These studies involved nearly 820 thousand people living in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Over the past years, tens of thousands of them died from heart attacks, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and other problems that allowed the scientists to trace which elements of their diets are most strongly influenced the likelihood of premature death.

As it turned out, the consumption of nuts significantly lowered the likelihood of all these problems. Most useful for the health of the heart and blood vessels were peanuts, panigassi the likelihood of heart attack, coronary disease or stroke by 23 to 30% and kidney disease by 48%. In turn, walnuts and other “tree” varieties – most strongly lowered the odds of getting cancer, but it increases the probability of developing diabetes.

A similar effect, as the researchers note, was noticeable only when people ate every day quite a large number of nuts – 20 grams or more. Similar to the results of analysis, according to the researchers, talking about the need for the inclusion of nuts in the daily diet of all people on the planet.