Swedish gold Babikov: results of the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ostersund

Шведское золото Бабикова: итоги этапа Кубка мира по биатлону в Эстерсунде

. Stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden ended for the Russian team winning gold and silver medals. Victory in the pursuit race celebrated Anton Babikov, for which the pedestal was the first in his career, Maxim Tsvetkov became the second.

Шведское золото Бабикова: итоги этапа Кубка мира по биатлону в Эстерсунде
Anton Babikov and Maxim Tsvetkov on the firing line pursuit at the world Cup in Ostersund

Babikov and Flowers their success was interrupted antirecords series of Russian national team of 25 consecutive races without getting on the podium at the world Cup based on past seasons.

Compared to the previous season, the team starts the year in östersund successful. Last December the Russian team was able to record his bronze Alexey Volkov in the individual race, which was his only personal medal of the season. If you rewind even one season ago, and the result would not have been able to surpass current: posleolimpiyskogo the 2014-15 season in the Swedish medal was won only Shipulin — silver in the pursuit.

Overall stage results not much surprised. Four gold chalked France, and the rest — one by one. In addition to Russia, Germany, Norway and the Czech Republic. So, in the mixed relay was won by the Norwegians, and in the single-mixed doubles French independents was won by Frenchman Martin Fourcade and German Laura dahlmeier, sprint — France’s Marie Dorin habert and Fourcade again, pursuit Babikov and Czech Gabriela Soukalova.

Anything is possible, believe Babikov

Interestingly, Babikov won the gold already in his eleventh race at the world Cup. Good position to attack the men was secured in the sprint, finishing in seventh place. In the final race Babikov did not flinch at the critical moment, seeing that the Frenchman Martin Fourcade made a mistake, cleaned, and rushed on the final lap. Similarly, did the Flowers, which his personal medals opened last season by winning silver in the sprint, but now added to his silver collection award for harassment.

“It’s unbelievable, I still have mixed emotions. This pursuit has taught me that the invincible athletes, and in sports anything is possible, you just have to work on ourselves,” said Babikov after the race, which demonstrated that the Russian athletes do well prepared for the season, and it is not a concern as usually only one Olympic champion Anton.

Шведское золото Бабикова: итоги этапа Кубка мира по биатлону в Эстерсунде
Russian biathletes Anton Babikov and Maxim Tsvetkov won gold and silver in the pursuit at the world Cup in Ostersund

About the fight with the leader of the peloton Martin Fourcade mentioned and Flowers. “I tried to work on the zero turn. On the last lap was hard, I thought Martin is very close. If he came forward, I would have tried for him to catch, but as he did not catch up, remained some distance, and I thought that you need to work through, not to wait for him to come forward,” said Flowers.

Commented on the success the head coach of a national team Alexander Kasperovich. “Today the men’s team performance was just excellent. Unfortunate mistake of Anton Shipulin did not allow us to fight for the whole podium, but that’s okay. Very pleased that the guys are young, but showed his teeth to Martin Fourcade that they are unable to deal with it. This will give confidence to the guys in the future,” said the Kasperovich.

In the Spanish style

In General, if not the last race, stage, perhaps, could be called, speaking in chess terminology, the Spanish party — a kind of classic early in the season. In the mixed relay, the Russians Olga Podchufarova, Tatiana Akimova, Flowers and Shipulin remained in one step of the podium due to tactical error on the last lap. Recognized as the finisher of the Russian team Shipulin for the first time in a long time, failed tactically to approach the task and gave the Italian.

Behind teammates Svetlana Sleptsova and Babikov expressionless ran a single mixed — athlete did not cope with shooting in each of its two stages, going on the penalty laps, and Babikov, though costing two or three spare rounds, and finished only eighth.

Шведское золото Бабикова: итоги этапа Кубка мира по биатлону в Эстерсунде
Biathlon. The first stage of the world Cup. Men. Pursuit

In the women’s individual race a cause for joy, perhaps you could call only the top-6 who returned after the birth of Ekaterina Glazyrina with two penalty minutes. Men in this discipline none were in the top ten, Shipulin in his unloved discipline has occupied 11-e a place with four penalty minutes.

Women’s sprint left quite depressing impression: the best, with one penalty was Akimova, located on the 30. The second Russians Anastasia Zagoruiko with two errors and does 43. In pursuit of sportswomen has changed a bit in some places the 29th was Zagoruiko with four penalties, Akimova — 32 with five. In men the situation was pleasant — Babikov without mistakes became the seventh, Flowers, also to shoot accurately, rounded out the top ten, Matvey Eliseev with one penalty was the 16th. in Addition to the success Babikov and Tsvetkov, in the pursuit played great position starting the 28th Shipulin, but higher than eighth place to be failed because of three misses on the third line. Elisha with four penalties was the 17th.

The speech of the women commented on the coach of the team Vitaly Noritsyn, stressing that the provision of the athletes there. “Our results today is the starting point, we will continue to move forward. We have looked at our weaknesses, there is still time to eliminate them. Our results in recent years are to get out of this state quickly fail. Certainly we are trying. Plans for the next stage – I would like to have a girl added speed. Today we saw that they can fight the move. Shooting will pay great attention to the time on the turn, we still have the reserve,” he said.

Kasperovich, summing up the stage for the athletes, added that there are a number of positive aspects and hope that to the main start of the team will go, having made progress.

“Girls, I would not say that everything is bad. There is momentum, there is progress, had a good run today (in the pursuit) Zagoruiko and Akimov. Work is underway, the coaches understand where we have stock that we can still improve. To judge one competition very difficult, so I hope that with the work conducted, we with the women’s team needs to step forward and approach the world championship,” he said.

On Pokljuka

The next stage of the biathlon world Cup will take the Slovenian Pokljuka. Go there Zagoruiko, Akimova, Podchufarova, Glazyrina, Sleptsova, Babikov, Flowers, Elisha, Shipulin, Evgeny Garanichev and Yuri Shopin.

“A brief on the composition: in the women’s team Ekaterina Shumilova is sent to the IBU Cup, the other five people on stage in Pokljuka. In the men’s team seventh man, Dmitry Malyshko sent to the IBU cups, Yuri Shopin remains at the world Cup. Malyshko need a little emotional lift. We don’t dismiss it, he played well in östersund, but somewhere there is a shooting problem,” explained head coach of Russian national team.