The government approved the passport of a priority project in small business

Правительство утвердило паспорт приоритетного проекта в малом бизнесе

The Russian government approved the passport of a priority project “Small business and support of individual business initiative”, the project provides for measures to support individual and small businesses, according to the website of the Cabinet.

“As a result of project implementation entities and individual small business applying for guarantee support under the national guarantee system, will have access to such support in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation on uniform conditions and using uniform approaches to the assessment of activities”, — stated in the message.

It is planned to provide employment to approximately 1.2 million people, subjects of individual and small business support will be provided to 336 thousand business entities. So, it will expand the access of individual and small businesses to purchases by major customers, which are determined by the government; the annual volume of procurement in 2018, must be not less than 17.5%.

In addition, the expansion of services and territory coverage of “Business-Navigator SMEs” to provide information and marketing support for individual and small businesses. Information-analytical system will provide information about the possibilities of the discovery and development of business in the territory of 171 cities in all regions.

Moreover, on the basis of banks with state participation of not less than 80 regions will provide state and municipal services of SMEs operating on the principle of one window.

Also planned is the development of a system of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for individual and small businesses. It is noted that this should raise the awareness of entrepreneurs about the possibilities for the creation and development of business and the level of their business and financial literacy. The project will be implemented from December 2016 to March 2019.