Trump in the first year in power can come to Russia, expects the head of the AmCham

Трамп в первый год у власти может приехать в Россию, ожидает глава AmCham

The US President-elect Donald trump in the first year of his presidency could come to Russia, says President of the American chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) Alexis Rodzianko.

The Republican candidate Donald trump has won the US presidential election, which took place on 8 November. The President-elect will take office at the inauguration on January 20.

“We await the day when the trump will arrive in Russia. We don’t know when it will happen nobody knows. One can only assume. My assumption is that in the first year, he will meet with Putin more than once, and maybe one of these meetings will be a trip to Russia”, — he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Putin definitely has the opportunity to be in new York for the UN General Assembly, where they can meet. The trip to Russia… this is unlikely to be their first meeting, but I think the probability that there will be more than one meeting, very high,” he added.

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