Comedian Jimmy Kimmel will be leading the 89-th ceremony “Oscar”

Комик Джимми Киммел станет ведущим 89-й церемонии "Оскар"

Jimmy Kimmel in February 2017 for the first time leading the ceremony, Academy awards USA, “Oscar”, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Next, the 89-th ceremony “Oscar” will be held in Los Angeles on February 26 and will be broadcast on ABC. Kimmel leads the evening show on this channel since 2003 and, although he never received the honor to lead “Oscar”, was twice master of ceremony of the “Emmy”.

According to the publication, selection of the Kimmel lobbied the ABC, kept in August, the right to broadcast the ceremony up to 2028, which will annually pay the Academy $ 75 million. It was reported that the channel has undertaken to make the ceremony more lively and interesting for spectators, including in respect of choice of leading. However, the final right of choice remains for the leading Academy of the United States.

The organizers hope that Kimmel will be able to return the ceremony the audience, which last year was a record low for the last 11 years: 88-th broadcast of the award presentation, which was led by comedian-African-American Chris Rock, looked 34.4 million people.

Producers of the ceremony this year also for the first time will be Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd.